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It starts with us, we can’t wait for others to make the change. Let us create the hope that others can aspire to, starting now!
— CJ

Born in California and raised in Florida.

Conn, at a very young age was moved across the country to Palmetto Bay, Florida when his dad left and abandoned his mother, sister and him. To this day, Conn has no relationship with his father and the impact of his father’s abandonment created the desire of living a life that allows him to connect with people in an authentic way and not leave the same gap that his father created in him.

Growing up, Conn suffered severe learning disabilities. At eight years old, he was tested at the University of Miami and his mom was told that it was very unlikely Conn would ever graduate high school. Conn’s mother was determined that this would not be his outcome and found a special school in Miami called McGlannan, which focused on learning with dyslexia. Not only did Conn graduate, he thrived! He excelled in academics and athletics. He was selected by the Miami Herald as one of the athletes of the year and his high school nickname was “Action Jackson” for getting things done with a smile and a no excuse positive attitude.

Conn would later graduate from Cornell University and gain a MBA from Harvard. He even made attempts qualifying for the 1996 and 2016 Olympics, competing in the US rowing Olympic trials.

Conn’s first job out of college was with Disney, where he created and facilitated the award winning Disney University training program “Quest for the Best”. He also served on the Disney Corporate Volunteer Board and was very active leading and volunteering with special needs kids.

Conn eventually found himself living in New York City and was successful working in Equity Capital Markets on Wall Street. He loved his life in New York but something was missing in his life. Working on the side to fill that gap, Conn created, stared in and produced a television show as a creative outlet, promoting “feel good fun”. He called his first show “Inspiration Without Limits” and it aired on local TV.

Around this time, 9/11 occurred and shook Conn and the rest of the world. Conn speaks of 9/11 as a day of personal tragedy and a defining moment in his life. On this day, Conn realized that life was far too short and that he needed to focus on his passion and creating moments that would have a positive impact on the rest of the world.

Feeling empowered and motivated to create a powerful platform from his “Quest for the Best” work, Conn moved to Atlanta, Georgia (a city he calls the “I Have a Dream” City) for a fresh start and to begin a new empowering career. Here he created a media company called Inspire One, a company with a mission to help people, companies, and communities to be the best they can be, or “Quest for the Best”.

Forever imprinted on Conn while growing up, is that your mind is extraordinary and will take you places you never thought you could go. You have the power to improve and capture your true cognitive abilities, no matter what people may tell you, but you have to believe in yourself. Conn’s upbringing, education and life experiences now lead him daily in discovering, developing and teaching the successful structure of Bio Cognitive Dynamics™. We all have the capabilities to unleash our power and find success and your true meaning in life.

Conn enjoys traveling, exploring the world and spending time outdoors. Conn is passionate and active in the Non-Profit Community. He spends time serving a children’s group home for mentally challenged youth called Hillside and serves at Champions Place, a youth home for young physically challenged adults. He also dedicates much of his time and resources to end systemic racism with his 501c3 charity, Project Light Foundation.

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