Conn Jackson

It starts with us, we can’t wait for others to make the change. Let us create the hope that others can aspire to, starting now!

Why This Show Matters


Conn Jackson is a prominent, transformational leader, TV, and radio personality who lets us in on secrets to success and fulfillment through his novel perspective of what matters most. Conn gives us a seat at the table with thousands of thought leaders such as Maya Angelou, Joel Osteen, Yo Yo Ma, and many more with his personable style and insightful, engaging interviews. Jackson brings a positive light to relevant stories that affect your life.

There is so much negativity in the world today; I want to give people another alternative. I want people to go beyond what they thought was possible to achieve their dreams.

Conn Jackson

How it All Began


eptember 11th, 2001. It was a day that shaped not only America and the world, but also Conn Jackson. Jackson was at the top of his game: an investment banker on Wall Street, living in a high rise: the world was at his feet. After a broken engagement, and these tragic events, Jackson took a hard look at his life and realized he needed a deeper purpose. He noticed that an emerging trend of negativity was dominating the media. Taking a leap of faith, he left his lucrative job, comfortable living situation, and founded InspireOne. To this day, the Atlanta-based company exists as an antidote to prevailing negativity in popular media.


Soul Searching

After a backpacking trip to Europe, Jackson learned three life lessons that would help him in the new chapter of his life.

  • In Praugue, he learned life is short — It is your choice to change your life; you must take the first step.
  • In Frankfurt, he learned to be flexible — Has your life turned out the way you though it would when you were 5? 10? 20? Life is unpredictable, so the ability to be flexible will make all the difference in the world.
  • In Paris, he learned to be nice — A simple act of kindness or simple ‘hello’ can go a long way, and have long-lasting effects. You never know whom you can impact by a simple kind act.

2016 Collage

Through these principles, Jackson began to produce his own television, and radio show, and help inspire many to follow their dreams.

After EU, he returned to his Disney roots and founded a class at Disney University called Quest for the Best, which taught the knowledge and wisdom to be able to reach your fullest potential. His time at Disney taught him patience, perseverance, and to always have fun.


It was an event that would go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Atlanta was hit by a few inches of snow, but because of the infrastructure of the city, the roads became impossible to maneuver. Jackson was stranded on the side of the road, but was able to walk to his home, despite the weather. Several hundred people were not as fortunate, causing Jackson to spring into action and open his apartment to ten stranded motorists, whom he had never met. “It was the right thing to do,” Jackson said in a CNN interview after the event.


Now, Jackson as well as hosting his own television and radio show. Despite his success, he does not lose sight of the bigger picture, and attributes his driving motivation to his faith and creating opportunities. He volunteers at organizations that help others like Unity Rowing Inc, the Kyle Peas Foundation, and is passionate about changing the narrative of news outlets from one of blame/negativity to one of positivity and enrichment.


maya-angelou-interview In 2015, Conn performed a stand-up comedy routine as he opened for Blue Comedy Tour’s Ron White at the Punchline. In 2014, Conn threw on his Black Cowboy Hat and sang the song he wrote called “Country Girl Love” at Nashville’s famed Blue Bird Café. He sang while being accompanied by Grammy nominated Tony Haseldon, who toured playing guitar for Journey and the Doobie Brothers. Conn has worn SPANX on a dare, been cussed out by Samuel L. Jackson, and did one of the last interviews with Maya Angelou. He still chokes up about that wonderful interview.

Nicknamed “Genghis” Conn, and “Action Jackson” as a youth, it was clear to many Conn was seen as a leader with empowering gifts to make a positive impact in the lives of others.
Overcoming and Inspiring have been life themes of Conn. He was impacted deeply by a father that abandoned him when he 4-years-old and severe learning disabilities (Dyslexia and Auditory Retention/Processing Disorder) that required him to go to a special school called McGlannan School. Educational Experts (at the University of Miami) that tested Conn at age 8, all agreed that he would not be able to graduate High School but a trade school was feasible in his future.
Conn overcame his challenges by learning in alternative ways, he then set his goals on becoming the most inspiring/connecting Servant Leader in the World to help others. To do such he attended and graduated from Cornell University with Service Degree form their famed Hospitality School. He also honed his skills in leadership by taking classes at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, as well.

Conn tried out for the 1996 Olympic Rowing team and trained at the Olympic Training Center under National Team Coach Mike Spracklen. Then Conn, competed at this year’s 2016 Olympic Trails in a single scull. He was featured in Olympic Rings and Other things. He was also interviewed on NBC in Atlanta for the Olympics Trials. An unlikely comeback that he now continues as he sets his sites on the Championship International Single Scull Race at this years Head of the Charles and an goal of making the National Team in 2017 for the World Championships. Conn has also completed 7 Ironman Triathlons. The most recent in Florida Ironman 2014. Conn lives by the motto “Age is just a number” and “If not me, who?”

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Conn feels it’s important to give back to his community, which is why he founded Lace Up For Boston, as well as regularly contributes to Unity Rowing. He founded “Lace Up For Boston,” to help citizens combat fear after the 2013 Boston attacks. He is also a contributor to Unity Rowing, an organization helping disabled athletes.

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