Happy Tuesday, everyone! On this #TechTuesday, we’re highlighting the Biotricity conference held approximately two weeks ago in San Fransisco, California. The 5th Annual Gateway Conference is an invite-only event presented by Liolios, whose mission is to join the most compelling companies with the nation’s top investors and analysts. Featuring more than 100 companies, this year’s event included companies featuring in technology, business, and financial services, as well as consumer, digital media, clean technology and life sciences among others. For additional information on the conference, visit www.gateway-conference.com or www.liolios.com.

Let’s learn a little more about Biotricity, as a company. It is a remote patient monitoring company, focused on chronic illnesses and disease management through the development of diagnostic and post-diagnostic care for specific disease segments. Their first market is for cardio vascular disease to help doctors diagnose remotely, which can assist doctors in real-time diagnosis and assist in patient needs. The main purpose of this particular conference was to capture the true reason for med tech companies to utilize the technology. Recognizing the rising epidemic of longer lifespans and an increase in chronic care, Biotricity prides itself on developing techniques and software to combat this problem as well as becoming more diverse to different markets and broaden the spectrum.

To ensure success, Biotricity understood the need to answer two main questions: ‘do you have a business model that can work and receives reimbursement’ as well as ‘how big is the company and how best can the company really make it” they understand they cannot become singularly focused, as the overall goal would not be achieved. Biotricity wants to be like an activity tracker for your life, and overall health.

One of the main problems Biotricity recognizes in the healthcare industry is a shift in healthcare in general. Due to therapeutics, people are living much longer, but are falling victim to chronic conditions, due to a lack of feedback loop. It is a rising problem Biotricity hopes to solve in the coming years.