What do you get when you combine a comedian, a lieutenant in the United States Navy, and a ginger? Jamie Kaler, of course! This funny man took a moment to talk to us about his show America: Facts vs. Fiction, that is entering its 4th season in September 2016 on the American Heroes Channel.

Being from New Hampshire, Kaler never thought comedy was a practical way for him to earn a living, so he joined the Navy post high school. During his service, while stationed in San Diego, he connected with some of his friends who were part of an improvisation group. He realized that comedy was something he truly enjoyed, and could actually earn a living pursuing his passion. This began a journey that has been a thrilling experience for him.

America: Facts vs. Fiction has been gaining popularity since its conception because of its innovative concept. Kaler “fills you in” on the real story behind the history you think you know. Kaler believes it is a great learning tool for students and parents alike and a fun way to learn history!

Kaler takes the viewer on a journey into the past to experience history with fresh eyes, but with a comical twist. He is green-screened into the past at times, adding a fun element to the show. If you want to learn the truth behind the history you think you know, tune in!