This month, women across the country are being celebrated for their contributions and vital role to enriching America’s history. Stacy’s Pita Chips joined this effort of honoring Women’s History Month through the release of limited-edition “Stacy’s Stands With You” bags, which celebrate the power and achievement of women to break barriers and achieve equality. The bag designs are modeled after the real posters and signs women from pivotal moments throughout history.

This past month, Stacy’s turned it over to the consumers to design their very own “Stacy’s Stands With You” bags and ultimately selected 3 winning designs which will be revealed during the interview. There will be 2,000 bags available, each representing a $10 donation to Step Up, an organization that supports the critical work of mentoring young women to achieve their full potential in business and life. The bags will be available at beginning March 31.


-Press Release

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